Saide, the South African Institute for Distance Education, is a non-governmental organization based in Johannesburg but conducting projects throughout South Africa and sub-Saharan Africa. Saide's task is to contribute to the development of new models of open and distance education practice, that accord with and take forward the values, principles, and goals of the evolving education systems in the Southern African region. It has also paid particular attention to the appropriate use of technology in education and most recently established a Kenya-based initiative, OER Africa, to promote the development and sharing of OER on the African continent.

News and Events

Online, open and flexible systems deliver quality higher education, student success, improved capacity, and cost-effective pathways to learning. Funding is critical to reap the benefits, These are the central arguments of the Paris Message, entitled Online, Open and Flexible Higher Education for the Future We Want.  Read more.

Saide was contracted by Education without Borders to conduct a monitoring and evaluation exercise of the "Math Yes we Can Program".  The three reports are available on the Education without Borders website.

Over 150 participants from more than 50 countries around the world participated in the Global High Level Policy Forum, organized by UNESCO in partnership with ICDE. The Forum was held at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris from 9-11 June 2015. Saide's Executive Director, Jennifer Glennie participated in this forum. More information is available from this ICDE communique.

Saide is serving as the backbone for the Kresge Foundation's Siyaphumelela programme.  The launch conference was held on 14th and 15th May with a theme "Exploring the potential of data analytics to inform improved practice in higher education.  Timothy Renick, Vice President for Enrollment Managment and Student Success, Vice Provost, and Professor at Georgia State University in Atlanta was the first keynote speaker. Click here to listen to his presentation.