African Storybook Initiative



Open access to picture storybooks in the languages of Africa for children’s literacy, enjoyment and imagination 



Try out our NEW story creation, translation and adaptation tools on MY SPACE at

In response to a technical website evaluation, the tools for translation, adaptation and storybook creation have been completely re-designed.  Please take a look.

Saide’s African Storybook initiative aims to address the shortage of contextually appropriate books for early reading in the languages of Africa. Our vision is for all young African children to have enough enjoyable books to read in a familiar language so that they can practise their reading skills and learn to love reading.

On the African Storybook website,, you can find, create, translate or adapt stories for early reading. Without having to ask for permission or pay a fee, you can download and print the storybooks and/or illustrations.

You can also photocopy and distribute the storybooks. You can use the website on phones, tablets or desktops/laptops.

For caregivers in home settings, the storybooks are very readable on mobile phones. The ASb Reader (an App for Android and Apple) is downloadable for free, and will reduce the data costs of accessing the website on mobile phones.


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