Governance and Funding

Saide is a non-profit organization that is registered as an educational trust (Registration Number: 1355/92). It is also registered as a Non Profit Organisation (041-137 NPO). We currently have a level four B-BBEE status.

Saide’s Trustees are:

  • Dr Sedupe Ramokgopa (Co-chairperson)
  • Mr Siven Maslomoney (Co-chairperson)
  • Mr David Adler
  • Professor Mary Metcalfe
  • Professor Shireen Motala
  • Professor Ahmed Bawa
  • Ms Linda Vilakazi-Tselane

Saide's Director is Ms Jennifer Glennie.


Saide was initially entirely supported by the European Union. From 1995, Saide began to diversify its funding. In early 1997, Saide turned its attention to its financial sustainability around different sources of income:

  • project grants with agreed deliverables;
  • commissioned project income;
  • general income from funding agencies (organizational grants);
  • other (including interest, royalties, use of admin services etc).

The balance among these types has shifted dramatically, with no organizational grants since 2005. Saide is committed to balancing the above sources of income to ensure that it retains a strong committment to its mission and is not driven entirely by the 'market'.