Our Projects

Saide works both with policy makers in education and training and with education providers. We have catagorized our policy and programmatic project work according to educational sectors. A further area of our work is information collection and dissemination.

A listing of the 2014 projects and outputs is available here.

More detailed information on our current and key past projects is available together with newsletter articles and final project or research reports (where possible) through our advanced search facility. These are searchable by year, educational sector and subject area, or by the specific service we provided in the project. As the database contains a record of much of our work if you are interested in our project work you need to select resource type and then choose either current or completed projects. The research can be further refined by our area of work, education sector, service or year.

African Storybook Project storytelling session at the Nairobi Bookfair 2014