Our services

Saide organizes its projects and work according to our services, areas of work and educational sectors. The services are closely aligned to the theory of the elements of a distance education system as well as a taxonomy that was developed for UNESCO in the 1990s. A more recent addition to areas of work is our work in open education resources.

We offer the following services

Support policy development

  • Assist in developing policy in distance educaiton and open learning and the use of technology
  • Contribute to policy processes from this perspective
  • Conduct systemic reviews of distance education provision and the use of technology in education.

Facilitate programme and course design 

  • Provide support to developing programmes in which the principle of open and flexible learning is balanced with the provision of sufficient learner support
  • Lead collaborative course design processes in which learner support, assessment and course materials are integrated.

Coordinate materials design processes

  • Coordinate materials development in a team according to a planned process
  • Guide pracititioners in the development process through extensive feedback, developmental testing and critical review
  • Make the materials available for the widest possible use, preferably as Open Educational Resources.

Promote the appropriate use of technology

  • Research the use of technology in education
  • Encourage and support appropriate use of technology in education

Promote the use, creation and sharing of OER

  • Identify and make available on Saide's OER Africa platform high quality OER to meet the needs of African educational providers
  • Stimulate and/or coordinate projects for the adaptation and development of OER
  • Encourage institutions to develop policy that supports the use, creation and sharing of OER
  • Support and contribute to networks and communities of practice involved in the development and use of OER.

Support the development of quality criteria and systems

  • Saide promotes quality educational delivery by supporting institutions in developing approprite quality assurance systems and through quality assurance capacity building.

Conduct monitoring, evaluation and research

  • Work with the client to develop the evaluation plan, including appropriate indicators
  • Collect and analyse both quantitative and qualitative information systematically and sensitively
  • Feed the information back to the client to improve the initiative.

Build and disseminate knowledge

  • Refine understandings of open learning, distance education and the use of technology in education
  • Build an internationally recognised distance education collection with both hard copy and digital publicaitons
  • Identify relevant information which is shared through our website, newsletters and online catalogue
  • Network with the community of distance educators.

Build capacity...

  • In programme planning, course design, materials development, assessment and learner support for both paper based and online distance education delivery; in management of distance education and costing; and in quality assurance.