Support Policy Development

Policy provides guidelines for action and, in the case of distance education, must take cognisance of the systems nature of distance education planning and provision. A distance education policy framework therefore needs to answer questions like the following: Why do we want to use distance education? Who are our target audience? What kind of distance education system do we need? What technology mix will be appropriate? How will we manage planning and costing – given the necessity of upfront investment in programme and materials development? What kind of staff do we need and where do we need them to ensure appropriate decentralised learner support? How will we assure the quality of programmes, materials and assessment? Whom should we be working with? This links primarily to Nadeosa Quality Criterion 1: Policy and planning but informs all other criteria.

Examples of Saide's contribution in the policy arena are:

Over the years Saide's Director, Jennifer Glennie has been very active on the Council on Higher Education and was instrumental in the formation of the first Higher Education Quality Committee (HEQC).  In 2013 Jenny was appointed by the Minister of Higher Education and Training as the Interim Chair of the new Sol Plaatjes University in Kimberley.