Ntataise, an ECD organisation that started in the Free State, but now with a footprint in several provinces in South Africa, invited Saide to present at their annual conference on 21 August 2017.

One of the things Ntataise constantly struggles with is “going to scale” or, more realistically, extending their reach. Although Ntataise is targeting children, their direct input is with the women who train pre-school practitioners and the practitioners themselves in an attempt to provide a good quality early intervention for the children they work with. They have made a start with seventeen three to four minute audio visual clips on pre-school ‘play’ activities and are investigating ways or their being used on cell phones or other devices without using too much data.

The Saide presentation spoke directly to this need – offering insights not only based on the open learning principles and changes in understanding of modes of provision, but also offering an example that could inform Ntataise’s learning design: the video-based interactive learning and teaching course designed as an app for Zambian Community School teachers.